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Welcome to our homepage.   After over twenty years of leading workshops to improve couples' communication skills, God has lead us to add a new focus for ministry of communication skills training.  We are now missionaries with Christar providing communication workshops to those who labor in the mission field.

Our vision for missions is to serve Him by increasing harmony and effectiveness among missionaries and missionary support teams, and reducing attrition among these teams that is often attributed to interpersonal relationships.

We will focus on interpersonal skills training for missionaries, both on the field, and those preparing to go to the field.  The training is designed to reduce frustration and discord in the field caused by conflict with other missionaries.  The training teaches fundamental talking and listening skills and a process for conflict and problem resolution. 

The most effective implementation of this training would be to work with intact missionary teams, either in-country or while they are together for training or recreation.  An extension of the team training would be for us and/or the graduates to reach out in the same manner to host-country groups within and without the local church.

At the same time we will continue to provide training for couples (click the tab above) and for business teams.

We are excited for this opportunity that God has laid before us, and ask you to pray with us as we move down this road of service.  Join our prayer team in the box below.  Tell others whom you suspect may be interested in this ministry.

If you would like updated information about our activities, please enter you email in the space provided to the right or on the feedback page.   We welcome those who identify with this ministry to join our prayer team in the second sign-up box below.

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