Communications Skills for Life
Jim and Sue Keller

Couple Communication Workshop

  • Training objective 
    • Increase satisfaction and effectiveness between partners
  • Benefits  
    • Increase understanding
    • Improve your ability as a couple to accomplish life challenges
    • Enhance your communication skills with people outside your primary relationship
    • Decrease stress and anger
  • Content 
    • Talking skills for understanding and communicating ideas with effectiveness
    • Listening skills for reaching far greater understanding of another’s ideas
    • A process for achieving conflict/problem resolution using the talking and listening skills
    • Skillful use of different styles of communication
    • A process to identify and manager my anger and my partner's (Couple Communication-II)
    • Detailed description at Interpersonal Communications Program, Inc
  • Training formats 
    • Workshops are most effective with six to ten couples
    • Time requirement is approximately nine hours plus time between sessions for reading and practicing
    • Workshops can be scheduled for an intensive two-day session or spread out over three or four successive weeks
  • Scheduled workshops at Chantilly Bible Church (map to Church)
    • Couple Communication-I (2014)
      Friday, November 28, 7:00 to 9:30
      Saturday, 9:00 to 5:00
    • Couple Communication-II TBD
    • Core Communication (2014) - for individuals attending alone
    • Training costs 
      • Generally we charge $120 per couple for couple workshops; $60 per person for Core
      • Facility and transportation expenses might increase costs for workshops held at a location other than Chantilly Bible Church
      • Grants may be available for those who need financial assistance
    • Getting started 
      • We desire to meet privately with each couple prior to the workshop to clarify goals and learn of special wants     
      • Contact Jim or Sue at info@jimandsue.org     
      • Call Jim or Sue at (703) 231-7095
    • Related scripture references